30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 4

Day 4 – Your guilty pleasure game

I don’t think I’m alone in this one, but my guilty pleasure game is probably the original ‘Angry Birds’.

When you are meeting a friend down the pub and they are running late, you have a choice of what to do to kill the time.

You could sit at your table, staring and smiling at your fellow drinkers, which is OK, until you realise you’ve become that weird one at the bar who keeps staring and smiling at people for no reason.

Or you could take a newspaper to read whilst you wait. The only problem with that is when you pop the paper on the table, despite the fact you could have sworn the table top was bone dry, it actually contained the Atlantic Ocean and now the paper is only good for papier mache work.

Or you could search Google Play / App Store and find a game to while away the time and that is how I found Angry Birds.

Now I’m not a big fan of mobile games, but I find Angry Birds really addictive. I like the simplicity of it, I like the daft noises the birds make and I like the fact that back in the day you paid your 79p and you got a full game, ad-free, (or you could play it for free, put your phone in airplane mode and the ads wouldn’t load!).

Over time, Rovio have managed to spoil it by introducing ‘special powers’ which you can earn occasionaly throughout the game, but to have any real stock you need to pay extra. I don’t know why Rovio went all EA on us, but the fact they keep going back to the original Angry Birds, adding more into it, but accessable only if you’re willing to pay for it, really does make me want to launch my joypad, (or in this case phone!).

But the essence of the game remains in place today and due to things like trying to get 3 stars on each level or beating your previous high-score, there’s always a reason to revisit it and revisit it I often do!

I haven’t bothered with Angry Birds 2 yet, as I really don’t like mobile games freemium ethic where you pay to win, (why can’t we just pay £10 for a full game?), but I suspect in a few months time I will give in and have a new guilty pleasure….


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