30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 – Favourite Game Couple

This one is a dilly of a pickle for me. The problem is that I have spent the vast majority of my life playing driving games such as Metropolis: Street Racer, Forza Horizon, Burnout etc and as such we rarely know the protagonists name, let alone whether they are in a relationship. So this has kinda stumped me!

So the answer I’ll give is a crappy one, but honest!

My favourite game couple, based on the fact they are the only one I can think off, is Johnny and Aisha from Saints Row.

I like them because they help me to answer this question!

But also because they are clearly in love and whilst Johnny is a bit of a dick, his world falls apart when she is killed. The anger, pain and ultimately revenge Johnny goes through, is love in it’s rawest form and shows that, yes, he’s an asshole, but he’s also capable of feelings.

And they look ok together.

So that’s it, short and sweet. It was either Johnny and Aisha or my driver and the Ferrari F40 I picked up in Forza Horizon, which would have been weird; and wrong on so many levels.


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